Housing for Single Mothers in Jersey City

Single mothers have enough on their hands with having to take care of a child or children, but what about housing? Housing can prove to be an even greater burden to any single mother in Jersey City, and it is important to know that there is help available when it comes to housing for single mothers in Jersey City. Not only are there Federal programs to help single mothers buy or rent a home, but also nonprofit and State programs as well that can provide great relief to any single mother who needs it. Here are just a few of them to consider, as there are many out there to look into:

In regards to Federal programs, the first one to seek out is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. HUD is great in that it provides counseling in housing for single mothers. Many of their services are provided free of charge for single mothers, and fees can be waived for others to those who show that they do not have the sufficient income to pay them. Another interesting aspect of HUD is that they actually sell houses as well, and as such they can be a great source for single mothers looking to buy a home for a good price. Also consider housing authorities, as they are available in practically every State and give advice in regards to finding suitable housing.

Many single moms are familiar with Habitat for Humanity, and it’s another great program to consider for housing for single mothers. There is some criteria that a single mother must meet in order to get a home from Habitat for Humanity, such as ability to pay back the loan, willingness to partner with them, and so on. Single mothers should certainly consider applying for a home with Habitat for Humanity, especially if they meet the requirements.